The yoga class is like a day of rest. I get to sleep in to the decadent hour of 8am, and my only exercise thing is 1 hour of stretching and about 6 minutes of walking there and back. And yet, I remain exhausted.

I think that while my body isn’t getting as sore as when I first started the Crossfit classes, I’m still not really used to the work. Part of that is no doubt due to the point of Crossfit – mix up the workouts, confuse the body, and never hit a plateau. And I think part of my exhaustion is due to the fact that I’ve never consistently worked my body like this before.

Every class is hard, even if I’m only going all out for 5 minutes, I am going all out and I feel it.

Today’s yoga class was actually a little bit more difficult than usual. We did a few more strength based moves than we had the past 2 weeks. My body trembled to hold some of the poses, and my core was definitely challenged by the way I moved today.

I’m truly questioning my sanity as I plan to do 5:30am classes all five workdays this week – and a run after work on Wednesday so my hip doesn’t get too tight. I’ve never done anything like this before. But if I thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail, then getting up at 5 in the morning will be the least of difficult things that I need to do. And every time I get up and get the work done, I gain confidence in my ability to do it again.

Now, if I could just stop being so tired…

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