I’m going through another period of having IBS issues. I have to say that what I like least about this whole diagnosis is how random it seems to be. I don’t know how to control what’s happening. I really thought I had things under control last winter after I started taking the mint pills, but it didn’t last. I don’t know if the mint pills really had any effect, or if they just happened to coincide with a time that I was feeling better. 
Changing what I eat doesn’t help, at least not for long. Excluding certain items, including others, drinking more water, drinking less water, nothing seems to make a difference for long, as if my digestive system just has trouble making up its mind, what will affect it and what will leave it calm. 
There’s a burning pain going on that is pretty constant at the moment, but it isn’t heartburn. Too low, too frequent, not helped by heart burn remedies. It keeps me awake past bed time and disturbs my sleep so I feel exhausted, which stresses me out more, which surely doesn’t help anything. 
Gas buildups cause pain and nausea, but I’m almost at the point where I’ve accepted that the feeling like I’m going to puke is really just a burp. There does linger a trace of paranoia that this time, that burp will be more than just gas. But so far, I haven’t had any vomiting even though it has felt like it was going to happen. 
The gas pains can get intense. They don’t like to stay the same, so sometimes it feels like pressure, other times like a stitch from running, and sometimes it feels like ripping inside. 
My husband is frustrated to see me in pain and be unable to do anything about it. I know he’s not mad at me, but I still feel like it’s my fault that I’m not feeling better faster. 
I suppose I’ll have to start looking at more unconventional methods, perhaps starting with dancing naked under a full moon, followed by a snipe hunt. 

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