My tummy seems to be calming down. Health-wise, I’m feeling pretty good this week. I mean, I’m really tired, but I’m pretty sure that’s entirely due to the ramping up of exercise that I’ve been engaged in for the last couple weeks. 

I had a beer last weekend – just one. It was a bit of an experiment, to see how I would feel, and if it would affect my stomach adversely in an obvious fashion. I probably should have waited until I felt 100 percent better in the tummy before doing that, but there was a social occasion, so I took advantage of it. 
The beer was good; I think if I had been more diligent in drinking water, and maybe if I hadn’t sat in the sun for an hour, that I wouldn’t have noticed any effects at all. As it was, I felt a bit dehydrated and hungover in the evening, and my stomach was quite unsettled the next morning. I felt a bit dizzy and lightheaded as well, especially as I set out on my hike. 
See, on Sunday, I did a CrossFit workout, then my Spartan prep workout, came home and ate a meal, then headed right back out for a hike up to Table Rock wearing my new hiking shoes and my zpacks Arc Blast. It was the first time I hiked with that pack with weight – not much of it, but some. A good 14 pounds or so. And at the start of the hike I felt sick. I had to stop and pee at the first two opportunities. But then I started climbing up the trail and I felt better. Not great, but better. 
My bowel movements haven’t quite evened out to the point where I want them to be, but my stomach is overall feeling much better. The main problem I’m having lately is that feeling of lightheadedness, especially when I work out. I try snacking and I try drinking more water and I try drinking more sports drinks… None of it seems to have any effect. Though snacking can help, especially while I’m working out. 
Ambrose and I are generally trying to address the stomach blip by mostly bland foods with a slow reintroduction of more spiced foods. Well, I should write that Ambrose is. I only hear about the plan after it’s been in effect for a while, because he’s the cook. 
I do feel good about staying the course and trying to address the stomach issue. I still am not feeling that panicky feeling I had before that made me feel like I had no control whatsoever over the pain going on in my abdominal area. We’re figuring it out. 

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