Well, my blogs are late this week. I’m not adjusting well to the current medication scheme. I can only hope that things start to improve soon. In the meantime, I’ve got work to do.

Ambrose has finished his read-through of both proofs, which means I have some editing to do. I’ve already fixed the pictures for the solo trip; I just need to place them, which I’ll do as I do the text editing he has recommended. Well, some of it. We disagree, in some instances, as to the proper place of the comma. Since I have a degree in English, I win those arguments.

I’ve sent the proof of the ONP trip to Bill (who went on that hike with us), who has already reviewed the text but deserves a chance to review the captions as well, especially since some of them are his pictures which I want to make sure I’ve attributed to his satisfaction.

Once I get all my editing done, then I’ll need to create the ebook versions. I sometimes do that before I finish editing, but then I have to edit two documents with the same corrections and that’s not really very efficient.

I still need to finish writing up the account of the September solo trip; I’ve fallen off of writing regularly again. No excuses really. I just need to bear down and get that last bit written. I think I will be able to publish all of these in 2018. Plus the CrossFit book, for which I’ve redone the first CrossFit workout that I ever did. I want to redo a few more, but I might not, depending on timing. I’d like to release that book on the 5 year anniversary of my starting, but we’ll see. That’s 12/17.

I have plenty to do, I just need to figure out a way to do it while I’m experiencing constant stomach pain.

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