The latest period of mine is one of the more intense and unpleasant ones that I can remember having. Of course, the body does tend to forget pain. The memory of pain gets blurred edges, which is a boon I suppose or no one would go through childbirth more than once on purpose. But I don’t usually have to walk around half bent over with the pain. 

I don’t usually start leaking tears during working hours because the pain is so intense, even with a heating pad firmly tucked on my lap. 

I’m not usually quite so vocal about how much it hurts. 

I don’t usually have trouble falling asleep because when I lie down the pain decides that position is just the worst like I did last Monday night. 

So I think it’s fair to say that this is one of the worse periods I’ve had. I mean, I do take notes on my periods as well, and they aren’t ALL “worst period ever!” – most of them just note that the period began. Not because I don’t have painful cramps or other issues, but because they don’t cross my personal threshold of bad pain. 

Sure, it’s “just” cramps. And I can “deal” with it. 

But I really wish I didn’t have to. That no one had to deal with this kind of pain. Though it might be helpful if men could. . .

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