For reasons beyond my control, I could not do a solo trip this year. In order to continue to put out a Hike with Me book this year, I’m going to use the coast hike. These entries will be shorter than normal, because the full story will be published this winter.

The Norwegian Memorial

We started the second day with the roughest portion of whole trail. Rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Still two trekking poles…

Ambrose broke his trekking pole, but didn’t break his leg.

More rocks.

We chose to stop at the party platform to wait out the tide.

Chillin’ on the buoy swing.

After the tide receded, another short rocky section gave way to a long sandy beach.

Stealth deer.

Hunting for water we instead found this huge fish carcass.

It was smelly.

A second night of dry camping – this time with only just enough water for dinner.

Second ever ocean sunset. 

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