We got up at 4 am to start the second day to try and maximize our travel time around low tide. That was maybe a little too early, especially on an overcast day. Bill got his first taste of hiking over rocky coast, including areas where the options for footing were slick, wet rocks or seaweed covered, wet rocks. 
Low tide was spent in a tiny alcove around a cove from the Chilean Memorial, and, eventually, the sun did come out and help us dry out our gear that was still wet from the rain. 
After lunch, we continued on through a few more rocky points, a short, roped overland trail and some wonderful sandy beaches before reaching the night’s stop, Norwegian Memorial. Since we camped at the memorial itself, rather than the creek, we had the whole place to ourselves. We did, however, fill up at the creek this time when we passed it.
Yeah, maybe we could have woken up a bit later.

Ah, the slick, wet rocks.

And their buddies, the seaweed covered, wet rocks.

Decent walking surface near Chilean Memorial.

Cozy alcove from which to watch the tide rise.

Seals lying out in the sun. They look like sashimi to me.

Lovely little waterfall.

Ambrose and his new pack going up the overland trail rope.

Ambrose getting water at Norwegian Creek.

The Norwegian Memorial campsite.

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