Well. We made it to Shi Shi. Now we had to make it back to Rialto. 
Ready to head out in the early morning.

Yeah… we had to use that wet rope and climb up those slick rocks first thing in the morning.

The overland trails were marked with little orange tags on the trees.


Wine dark starfish.

Going through the rocks between Shi Shi and Seafield during low tide was a lot easier, but also a lot messier.

Seafield looks like it almost got inundated at high tide.

Beach deer. They were way out where the tide was licking at the sand.

This guy got within ten feet of me as they headed up to the grass.

The North side of the Ozette campground was pretty nice. No water but the brackish water of the river, but nice. 

There was even a pit toilet. Huzzah!

We were going to spend the night at the South Ozette site, but we couldn’t find safe water and I conceded to Bill and Ambrose’s votes to go back Alava for the night.

Which made me stay up late. But I could always sleep during high tide the next day. 

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