Now my book is real. The copies that I’ve ordered have arrived and I’ll be getting them in the mail soon. A little late for Christmas gifts, but I think the spirit will be understood.

There’s nothing quite like holding that physical book in my hand. Paging through and looking at the pictures. I put a lot of sweat into that hike and a good deal of time into the book itself. I’m happy with it. Excited to set it free in the world and share it with my family.

Now, of course, all my excuses are gone. I’ve finished this book project. It’s time for the next projects. It’s time to get back to writing fiction and see if I can improve on my rejections-with-comments to actual story sales. There’s still one pending right now, and it’s been out there for a while. I’m taking that as a good thing, but I don’t expect a sale at this point. I am hoping for another rejection-with-comment though.

And then there’s the guidebook that Ambrose wants me to write about the Chamberlain Basin. Nothing too fancy, but something that gives more of the scoop on the current state of those trails than anything we found. I like that project as something that will be more straightforward to write, get my butt in the seat and the words flowing.

And I still have to finish that story from over the summer. Time to get back in the habit of writing fiction every day. That’s where my improvements came from over the summer. Practice, practice, practice. Just like the process of getting these books out improves with practice, so does my fiction.

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