I finally got a 5 mile run again on Sunday. I really want to get up to a 10 mile run by early June, to be in peak condition for backpacking season. If all goes well, I’ll be trying for a longer one next Sunday, at least a 10K, if not more. 

Yesterday, I did not want to run at all when it was time to run, but I forced myself out the door. I mean, it was 50 degrees outside, that’s practically perfect running weather, especially with the sun shining down, and just enough of a breeze to cool me off once I had warmed up. 

The first mile was no fun, but faster than I expected. I’ve been doing 13 minute miles lately, with a good mile being 12:25. But this “crappy” first mile came in at 12:02, and I actually did sub-12 on the 2nd mile when I was actually starting to feel good, despite continuing tummy issues. 

Not good enough to go longer than my planned route, but good. And I think if I had kept running, I might have gotten a sub-11 minute mile for mile 3, but I didn’t. The time was right to stop, so I stopped and got on with my post-run routine. 

I’ve been very good about doing my foam rolling after running. I find I do much better when I do the foam roller, especially on the ilio-tibial bands on each side. Strictly speaking, I don’t need to roll my back out after a run, but it’s my reward for doing the the leg rolling that I do need to do. 

Running is a means to an end for me, a way to try and keep myself in good shape for backpacking when I can’t actually go backpacking. I don’t expect to become a fast runner, just a runner who doesn’t get frequent injuries and who can handle running long distances, even if it takes a long time. I feel I’m well on my way for that goal. 

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