I’ve taken a bit longer than I wanted to in turning the work I completed over the summer around and either into submission or publishing it myself. I have excuses, of course. I’ve got a class that needs time and attention. I have work. I’ve been sick it seems every other week since the start of September.

But excuses are easy to come by. It’s work that is the difficult part. So I started that work over the weekend, sending out two short stories. I should get a quick rejection for one and a slower rejection for the other at which point I’ll figure out another place to send each of them. Eventually, I’ll put them up either on this blog or for sale, depending on how I feel about them at the time.

One of them is a story that I really like. I feel like it was a level up kind of story for me, but that doesn’t mean it will sell. And I have to accept that it not selling does not mean that I did not write a better story. It just means I haven’t reached the level that I want to reach yet. Or I haven’t gotten my story to the right market. Maybe a little of both.

I was hoping to have finished my write up of the Chamberlain Basin trip before October started, but I fell ill again at the tail end of September and did not reach that goal. I’m looking forward to starting work on my next Hike with Me book. I have some ideas about what I can do to make it better than the Hike with Me books I’ve written already.

One of those ideas is to think of what the theme of each day of the trip is before writing the account of it. I may or may not use this theme as a chapter title, but I think having something like that will allow my writing to be more cohesive and tell a better story about that journey. I’m having fun thinking about what each day should be called if it were a song or what the title of that “episode” should be. I’ve got 4 different sets of titles for each of the 5 days so far. Maybe I’ll use more than one of them and subdivide the days into multiple chapters each.

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