I got myself up before the sunrise so I could get started.  
Heading down into the valley. 

This fence was very difficult to unhook and harder to rehook. 

Difficult to make out from this distance but that little dot on top of the hill is a horse. Rider and dog were herding sheep.

Still seeing the ICT signs. 

I met up with Ambrose here and got on with slack packing. I didn’t want to keep going but I did. 

Not a bad picture of a bird. 

Walking on pavement was pure torture, especially in the hot sunlight. 

The little black specks are swallows. There were hundreds cycling around the bridge. 

Every step was agony at this point, but the scenery was still nice. 

I took a break at this tree to put my feet up. 

I made it to Hammett. And I chose to stop short of my 100 mile goal, because I had wrecked my body enough. 

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