I’ve finished 15 weeks of my Spartan training plan. I don’t feel that I’m ready yet, and that’s why I started so soon. I mean, most people prepare for their Spartan Race with training 6, maybe 8, weeks before the race, right? But I know that I took nearly 11 months to get my first pull-up with a weekly training plan.

So I knew I’d have to start early. And I also knew, from the previous training, that I’d run into frustration. Sure, I’m slowly increasing my weights, but the changes are slow and incremental. And my progress on the Sunday training is a bit back and forth. I haven’t made much progress on the single arm holds or the monkey bars. And I still can’t do a single peg on the peg board with any consistency. Or rather, I might be able to move one peg just before my feet hit the ground – no control.

I’m taking a week off of the training to rest a particularly sore triceps on my left arm. I had that happen before, too, when I was first working on getting kipping pull ups. I’m still doing CrossFit this week, but I’ll try to give that arm a bit of a break.

Next week I’ll be starting week 16, and I know I just have to keep grinding. Progress will be slow, but then I’ll get to the obstacle course training class and I’ll be able to do more things. Not everything, but more. I’m chipping away at a big block, and it takes time.

I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

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