I did it! Nine months of the commitment crew!

As of yesterday, I completed my twentieth class of December, which means I’ve done at least 20 classes per month for nine months.

I’ve been feeling a lot stronger this year. Even though there were two months where I hardly got any classes (April and August), and there were whole weeks at a time that I didn’t do a single class, overall, I did a lot of work. I got a lot of work done. I made new personal records in a lot of lifts this year.

I’m getting closer and closer to my goal of ten linked kipping pull ups. I’ve discovered a trick that I really wish I’d figured out sooner. There are two bars at the gym that are thinner than the other ones. I think I’ve noticed that before, but it’s only recently that I realized that using those thin bars actually works a lot better for my hands.

My hands are small. When I use the larger bar for toes to bar, I tend to rip my hands up really quickly, and I have a hard time hanging on for more than six or so reps. On the skinny bar, I did thirty in sets of ten and another ten broken into smaller sets. And I did not tear my hands at all. On the skinny bar, I did 48 kipping pull ups (small sets) one day and 42 the next. No tears! No bleeding, no blisters. With the skinny bar, I just might be able to get that set of ten before the end of the year.

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