I can!

On Sunday, February 19th, I went to the open hour at crossfit so that I could do my pull up day 2 workout without going all the way to the gym. I wanted to let my body get some rest this long weekend and so I didn’t plan to do the WOD. I went a little light on my farmer carry, 35# rather than 53#, when I normally do 45# at the gym. I got the workout done, including my abs, and then waited for about 5 minutes, chatting and resting my arms up from the max time hangs I’d done at the end of the workout.

And then I decided it was time to try. I’d been stuck at 4 strict pull ups for nearly three weeks. I could smell the breakthrough, especially after taking Saturday completely off.

I seriously considered asking someone to record my try, but in the end I was too shy and too nervous. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it if I drew too much attention to myself. So I hopped up and got to pulling. By the third rep, I knew I was going to get it. The fourth rep was only as hard as the third usually was. And the fifth happened.

At least, I’m pretty sure it did. I hadn’t had a full breakfast before going to workout, and, to be honest, I was feeling a bit muzzy headed. I wasn’t entirely sure, so I didn’t ring the bell and I didn’t post about reaching the goal I had recorded on the goal board.

But on Monday, February 20th, I went in with a plan. The WOD consisted of a choice of overhead squats or back squats, then a short metcon of one of those movements plus jump ropes. My original plan was to work on back squats, so as to save my arms for the post-workout pull up goal attempt. But when I was there, I decided to work on the overheads – mostly because I really like them.

We were to do 8 sets of 8, working up to a heavy set of 8. I knew my one rep wasn’t that heavy, so I started really light and went up very slowly. I’m pretty sure my pull up training helps with the overhead squat technique, in that my shoulders are much more developed than they would be if I weren’t working on those pull ups. I got a personal record on my last set of 8, hitting 70 pounds.

And then I did more overhead squats in the metcon – 7 minutes of 10 reps overhead squats and 10 jump ropes. I did it at 45# and with single unders. At 10 reps, I probably could have done double unders, but I’m approaching the Open with the mindset that if there is jumping involved, I’m more likely to be doing scaled singles so I should practice them.

We stretched and cooled down. I got my phone and asked the coach to record for me, which he was happy to do.

He also cheered me along as I pulled my chin over the bar, once, twice, thrice, four times… five times.

And then six times.

I got 6 strict pull ups and crushed my goal. Then I ran around the box whooping, rang the bell with a running jump and I swear the glow still hasn’t faded. Now I get to start working seriously on kipping pull ups. And chest to bar pull ups. And maybe someday… dare I suggest… muscle ups?

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