Yesterday marked one full week of working from home. It’s been … interesting. I live in a teeny tiny studio apartment with my husband, and, to his credit, he’s been taking this very much in stride. Well, he was. Now he’s come down with something and pretty miserable, though that does mean it’s quieter for me while I’m working…

He had offered to leave the apartment while I’m in remote meetings, but yesterday he took naps instead. That also works. I haven’t had trouble keeping busy, even though the regular work isn’t very high volume right now. It’s the perfect time to catch up on all those projects that we keep trying to put off to summer, and then, when summer arrives, it ends up turning out that we’re actually pretty busy. But now, there’s a good amount more time for those projects, so they’re getting some time and attention.

I have managed to get my tower and monitors to fit in our spartan space. We have a big desk, but it was occupied by our topo maps, home computer and other assorted odds and ends. Once I moved all of that out of the way, there was room to setup a reasonable facsimile of my office space. I must say, I like the view here a bit better. A scoop of critter feed on the stoop really brings a lot of distractions.

First the ducks…

Then other birds and a squirrel…

And these two were on cleanup. 

I’m also eating pretty well at lunch, considering I have a full kitchen at my disposal. Ambrose might even be inclined to help out with lunch prep now and then when he’s feeling better. It’s much easier to get a quick shower after doing a workout during my regular exercise release time. The commute can’t be beat.

Despite all those positives, I don’t really like it. It’s a symptom of a situation that will probably get scarier before it calms down. And it’s weird to be in my home but at work. Hm, yeah, no, the first one is definitely the bigger problem of the two.

I’m glad that I’m able to temporarily transition to working from home. It is a handrail in this time of rapidly changing circumstances, as well as a way to support us. One day at a time, and I’ll be back in the office before I know it.

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