Well, I did a trial run yesterday of working out from home. It was inspired by our planned test of work from home at work on Tuesday. We were supposed to work at our desks, but only using our laptops so that we could iron out any bugs in our processes. This was to last all morning, so I decided to start the day off in the proper mindset and do my workout at home as well.

My CrossFit box has started offering At Home workouts through Wodify, so I knew that I had something to do, as long as I was willing to improvise a bit. Some of the warm up moves were not things that I could easily do. For example, I live in a studio apartment. While the ceilings are actually high enough to accommodate jumping rope, there’s no space wide enough to do it. So I just jumped in place as if I were jumping rope, with faster, higher jumps for double unders. I also don’t have anything to use as a step, though I might be able to fashion or figure out some sort of step – but it wouldn’t be a very high one. I substituted some high knees for step ups this time.

After the warm up, I took a little bit of time figuring out exactly how I wanted to time out the main workout, which had a 9 minute segment, a 2 minute segment and a 3 minute segment. I ended up deciding to set the stopwatch running and just stop when it hit 14 minutes. On my phone, the stopwatch function keeps the screen from locking, while the timer function does not, so stopwatch was much better for having to know when my segments were starting and ending.

I used a backpack with some weight in it for some lunges and jumping squats, and made it through 32 burpees in the final 3 minutes. Overall, I got very sweaty and breathed hard and it was a good workout. There was an optional segment that I did after I had cooled off and caught my breath a bit. It was some core work, and I enjoyed that. I also took some time to stretch after that, since I had time to spare before I’d normally be home from CrossFit.

I’m not really looking forward to more workouts from home, but it’s something that I need to get used to now. It’s unsettling, but I know that I can do it. I know that I can continue to improve my fitness, even if I can’t get out to the gym for a while.

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