Since we were both taking our trekking poles, we used this plank to secure the tent while we went hiking.

We got started pretty early – but the sun was coming up.

It was chilly enough that even Ambrose was wearing a down jacket. 

So glad this bridge is here – I would not want to cross a cold creek so early.

No water flowing in this side stream in September.

I enjoyed getting a dose of full sun near the beginning of the hike – but it was still cold. 

And I ended up in shadow again as I entered the long slog uphill.

Not much to say about this portion of the trail. It goes up. 

And, eventually, it makes a few turns. 

Before proceeding to keep going up.

Yup. More up.

But the elevation does come with a nice view of Twin Springs. 

6125, a peak we call by its elevation designation, ahead and to the left.

Around here I started to hear strange noises across the valley. Rocks falling against rocks, and possibly animal sounds. I think it was a goat, but I never got definitive proof.

Pretty sure that’s a raptor nest of some sort. 

I saw a speck racing away on the trail going away from 6125, but I couldn’t get a picture close enough to determine what the speck was. I’m going to stick with goat.


Almost to the peak. Just a bit more up.

I call this collection of rocks the turnaround point. It’s got a good view and is a nice place to sit and rest before heading back down. 

Time to head back.

I actually enjoy the up part more than the down part. 

Here comes Ambrose up the trail.

That’s generally the direction I’m heading, though the trail isn’t very visible.

See you tomorrow, Twin Springs.

I’m just not very good, still, at going downhill without getting pain in my knees.

Oh, and the state of the trail didn’t help. There were several sections of trenches like this, which make it hard to walk as if your feet on are railroad tracks. 

The trees mean I’m getting closer to the bottom.

Hi, lizard!

The down part is almost over.

Al most.


Ah! No more downhill.

Sheep Creek had a good flow going.

The plank successfully guarded our tent. Good job!

Ambrose had warmed up by this point.

I spent a lot of the remainder of the afternoon elevating my ankle. A bug kept landing on my knee, but I was never fast enough with the camera to catch it.

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