One last look at the campsite before we hike to the car on the last trip of the season.

The sun was mostly up by the time we left. With less than two miles to the car, there was no need to hurry.

Left to the road and the car, right towards Sheep Mountain. 

Ambrose left before I did. He was hoping to beat me to the car, but he didn’t get enough of a head start.

He did make a good go of it though. I didn’t catch him right away.

It was nice to hike in the shade a bit.

But I’d catch the sun again soon enough.

But not before I caught Ambrose!

Probably would have caught him quicker if I hadn’t stopped to take photos.

Now I’m in the lead, and almost to the road.

Time to start switchbacking down.

But not before taking one last look back. I hope we hike this area a bit more next season. 

But it was time for this season to end. 

I was glad that we pushed our comfort zone a bit with this mid-September trip. Next year, late September .

But for this year, it was time to pack it in and head home.

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