I think that the long illness has finally been cleared out by my immune system. I’m getting back into my workout routine, though I’m not fully there yet. I did CrossFit three times last week and I’m going for five this week. I’m on track for that, having already completed three. 

Last week was important, because I was finally able to complete an Open workout for this year. I didn’t want it to be my first class back, so I made sure to go in on Tuesday and Wednesday to remind my body how CrossFit goes. I wasn’t feeling 100% on Friday when I did 22.3, but I did my best. I made it to the chest to bar pullups of the scaled workout, but couldn’t get one. I was happy enough to complete my pull ups in 6 sets of 3. 

I haven’t run yet this week. I plan on doing a 2 mile or so run on Thursday and then maybe a short run on Saturday to prepare myself for a long run on Sunday. I’d like to get back to my 10 miles per week and start expanding my long run’s distance again. That will be the real sign that I’m back on track – when I’ve got five CrossFit classes and at least ten miles of running each week. 

My weight loss is also getting back on track. While I’m not down that much from my low at the end of January, I’m starting to see some lower numbers. I just hope that I can keep a steady weight through the next period. I was steady during my period in January, but I bloated up in February so I have no idea what’s going to happen this month. 

But I think my approach with calorie counting is working. It’s just a slow process that requires consistency in both the eating and the exercising. 

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