I have not been feeling well since early October. It hasn’t been constant, but I just keep getting these annoying little colds. Plus my abdominal pain has been in overdrive. I haven’t been able to put together good weeks of doing CrossFit, and I have not been keeping up with my running at all. 

The next time I run, I’ll definitely have to stretch the ilio-tibial bands out again on my legs. That means starting slow and short. And that’s probably for the best, considering how cold it’s been outside here. I’m hoping for a run, or at least a walk, tomorrow. 

I finally got back to CrossFit this morning, after over a week of not going. I just kept hoping that the tummy pain would go away, and that I’d start feeling overall better. The tummy pain is hanging out, but I did feel better this morning other than that. Not good, per se, but better enough that I decided to go anyway. I needed the exercise. 

Then I did CrossFit, and now I’m feeling very sore. But in a good way. 

I want to make Commitment Crew for December. It’s just 20 classes in a month. That’s very possible for me – as long as I can stop getting sick!

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