I haven’t been going as hard on CrossFit over the last year as in year’s prior. Gee, I wonder why that might be? 

I especially don’t like working out with a mask on, but I strongly believe it’s the right thing to do. So I suffer through it, and feel super hot and gross while working out. Well, hotter and grosser than usual. There’s not really a way for me to do CrossFit pretty. 

The first workout of this year’s Open involved an insane number of wall walks and a moderate number of double unders. Okay, maybe the dubs were a bit insane, too, but only if you got past the set of 21 wall walks. 

I chose to scale, because I know I can do one wall walk, and maybe I could do a set of 3, but even the set of 6 would really challenge me, and I wanted a workout rather than trying to do Rx when it’s not where I’m at. I’m letting myself make game day decisions on scaled vs Rx this year, rather than deciding ahead of time. 

The scaled version was scaled wall walks – a totally new movement. After practicing them a bit on Friday, I have christened them “wall dogs” because it’s kind of like doing downward dog up a wall. There’s a piece of tape that goes under your shoulders, and your hands have to start in front of it, get behind it with your feet up on the wall, and then back in front. Reps start and end with chest and thighs touching the floor. 

The total scaled workout was: 1 wall dog, 10 single unders, 3 wall dogs, 30 single unders, 6 wall dogs, 60 single unders, 9 wall dogs, 90 single unders, 15 wall dogs, 150 single unders, 21 wall dogs, 210 single unders. Rx just change the wall dogs to wall walks and the singles to doubles. 

I made it through 11 reps of the round of 21 wall dogs before I hit the 15 minute time cap. I was hoping to finish, but my shoulders just got fried in the round of 15. I had a couple of no reps. 

Overall, I felt good about the workout, and I’m looking forward to 21.2.

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