I made an accidental cooking discovery on Sunday. I’ve been cooking omelets with a nice, fancy omelet pan for a while now. I’ve got it down to a science, pretty much. Butter into pan, rub against the sides, heat pan on medium to melt butter, then raise temp and pour in beaten eggs. 

That’s how it usually goes, and I usually get a fair amount of egg sticking to the pan. Not so much that I can’t do my omelet; just enough that it makes cleaning the pan between omelets a pain. This time, I got distracted between when I turned the heat up and when I poured the eggs in. Therefore the pan was hotter than usual when I poured the eggs in. 

Turns out, that’s a good thing. There was almost no egg stuck to the pan when I rolled that bad boy out. 

Bacon, pepper cheddar cheese, and guacamole omelet for my husband. 
Just to be sure, I did my omelet the same old way, and, sure enough, the egg stuck to the pan like usual. Next time, I’m going to do the higher heat trick with both and see if I can get to the nearly non-stick perfection on purpose. 

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