Then I guess I shouldn’t either. 

I’ve been pulling back on physical activity the last two months, because I’ve been feeling physically bad for that time period. Now, some of it was illness. I know I had a cold or three and maybe even some mild bronchitis. But the main thing keeping me from working out has been abdominal pain that just won’t quit. 

It even sometimes feels worse with movement, especially the kind of whole body movement that tends to show up frequently in CrossFit (don’t get me started on burpees!). But I’ve tried not moving, and I just feel worse. 

I’m going to push myself to go in to the 5 am class on days when I don’t want to because of tummy pain. Illness is another matter, but if it’s just the tummy pain that is supposed to come from the IBS, then I shouldn’t have any issues other than the pain itself. And if it hurts whether or not I’m exercising, I may as well exercise and get some sore muscles to go with the tummy, put it in perspective. 

Or, as I’ve seen it put on TikTok, take all the feelings and put ’em in a muscle, they can’t see you cry when you sweat 😉 

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