I got to do a crossfit workout focusing on pull ups last week. The good news is that I managed to do two strict pull ups in a row. The bad news is that I hadn’t done a pull up workout at crossfit before with a successful single strict pull up, so it didn’t count as a personal record on the Wodify app.

I’m continuing to work on my pull up workout, but I’m trying to increase the intensity so I can increase the number of pull ups I can do in a row. For example, in my day 1 workout, I’m trying to do strict pull ups for the first set of 4 negatives, and then progressively starting from a higher point. I reset between each negative, so it isn’t a set of 4 strict but it forces me to build the strength I’ll need to link them.

I’m not doing much different on my day 2 workout, because it doesn’t involve as much pulling. I do try to complete a strict pull up after completing that workout, which burns out my forearms pretty well every time.

For the bar assisted pull up that I do on days 1 and 3, I’m trying to touch my chest on the reps instead of just getting my chin over the bar. Having gotten my chin over the bar, I can’t help but think that it might be possible for me to do more – more reps of the strict pull up and, one day, a chest to bar pull up. Maybe even a muscle up, if I work hard at it.

I can feel how easy it would be to lose the strict pull up. I know I have to keep working on it and keep pushing myself to get stronger if I want to keep it. I had this kind of feeling that once I got the strict pull up I would be done, but I’m not. I have to work to keep it, and I have to work to get more. No, I want to. I want to see how fit I can get.

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