I took several days off of working out for this illness. Along with several days off of work. And days off of rowing. And yet… I’m still working on the 100K row before Christmas. The charity part of the challenge doesn’t actually add up to all that much per individual person, but I’m more interested in doing it to challenge myself. That a bit of money will go to the Sierra Club if I make the 100K is just a bonus.

And it’s looking like I’m going to be able to make it. As of the end of the day Tuesday, I’m just over 81K. And I know I can get another 5K on Thursday, and at least 5K on Saturday and Sunday. And I’ll be doing CrossFit workouts in around that which can add meters (Monday’s certainly did). This is completely doable!

Which means, I guess, that I could have potentially done a lot more than 100K if I were well. And if I started on Thanksgiving instead of waiting until two days later. Oh, and if this were a more typical year, where Thanksgiving fell earlier in November, that would probably help quite a bit as well.

Could I get to 200K, assuming ideal conditions? And without owning an at-home rower, which I think would make it pretty easy to reach that kind of goal because it’s just a matter of making time in the seat. And, of course, with more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas…

It could be possible, but I don’t think I’ll be going for that next year. It’s all about incremental goals with this one. I’ll see how far I can get this year and then set a higher goal for next year. When I’ll have a whole nother 2 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to work with.

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