My CrossFit gym usually offers weekend classes, but they cancelled those classes last weekend. They are working on moving locations, and also getting some deep cleaning done on the current one. So the last time I went in for a CrossFit workout was Friday, because my husband started feeling ill over the weekend, and I decided it would be best not to go to CrossFit once classes restarted Monday since there is no way I can distance myself from him. Whatever he’s got, I’m going to get it soon.

I’ve been working out at home in the meantime. Arbor is providing at home workouts, and I’ve been doing some of them, as well as my gymnasty tabatas, a handstand challenge, and other odds and ends as they come up. Arbor has started an athlete challenge of the day, so I did that yesterday and then came up with my own since I was next up. I did that one today, and I’ll probably do it again tomorrow to try and beat my score. I also followed along on Kari Pearce’s Facebook Live workout on Sunday. Naturally, that was an ab burner, but it also got me sweating. There are a lot of resources out there for at home workouts; it’s really a matter of making sure that I pick something and DO something.

At least, I’ll keep working out as long as I don’t get too sick to do it. I’m concerned that my husband (and I) have COVID-19, but it’s just as likely that we’ve caught a cold since we aren’t feverish. And we do usually catch one last cold in the spring.

It’s been interesting trying to do workouts from home. Especially since I don’t have any weights, per se. Though, thanks to my husband’s interest in new workouts, I do have resistance bands to supplement my homemade 4 pound weights. Plus we’ve got 20 one pound weights from a weight vest that was pretty horrible to use. We got rid of the vest, but kept the weights and now they’re in a backpack for the at home workouts. Now, if I just had space enough in the apartment to jump rope, I’d consider myself pretty well set up.

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