Last week, the streak was in jeopardy. Sunday was fine, I ran a 10K (6.2 miles). Then I ran a nice short 2.1 on Tuesday. But I was sick on Thursday – sick enough to call in to work (I was going to write “stay home from work” but half the time I’m working from home anyway, so…). I didn’t run at all on Thursday or Friday, which left me with 1.7 miles to run on Saturday if I wanted to keep the streak alive. 

I did, naturally, want to keep the streak alive. But my husband and I already had chores on Saturday – a small shopping trip and a long overdue visit to the laundromat to wash our down items. We washed three jackets, my balaclava and my old sleeping bag – an investment well worth the time and money. 

And, once the laundry was done, I ran home, using a route that I’d already mapped out to be at least 1.7 miles. Ambrose drove the car (and our laundry) home while I ran. I felt kind of awful running, especially because I had been on liquid diet since Thursday, so my caloric intake was reduced. But I got it done. 

And then, on Sunday, I just wasn’t feeling the long run. I stayed inside, and I worked on my book. The weather was gorgeous, so I can’t blame it. I wanted to have a day or so of eating solid food under my belt before doing a long run, so sue me. 

When I made that decision on Sunday, I planned on making up the miles on Saturday, as I have been doing. But on Monday night, I was looking at the unusually warm forecast for early Tuesday morning and I hit upon an idea. If it was going to be in the 40s at 5 in the morning, I could go ahead and make up some miles then. 

And I did. 

I woke up at 4:30, verified that it was indeed in the 40s (45 by accuweather, 51 by our back porch weather sensor). I overdressed with a windbreaker, and fastened a couple of lights around myself. I have these LED lights that I use for visibility while biking; usually they are fastened to my backpack, but I took them off and wrapped them around my waist, one in the front with a steady glow setting and one in back with a strobing light. I also took a headlamp, though I carried it in my hand, because I know from past experience that it’s hard to aim a headlamp in the right place while I’m running if it’s on my head. 

I didn’t need the headlamp or the windbreaker. I figured out a good position for the steady glow in front, over my fanny pack, and it illuminated the sidewalk sufficiently for me to see. Well, it did when the sidewalk was not already well illuminated by street lights. I took a route that was mostly bigger streets, with lots of street lights and some traffic, even at that hour. 

I ran 4 miles. 

I could have stopped there, patted myself on the back, well done! Instead, I did my normal lunchtime run, getting 3 more miles. Those miles kind of hurt, but I ran them faster so it balances out. 

Now, all I need to do is 3 more miles, which I can easily do during my regular Thursday lunch time run. That way, I won’t have to run at all on Saturday, and *fingers crossed* be ready for a nice long run on Sunday to get back onto my normal schedule. 

Whether I do it on Thursday or Saturday, this is week 10 of the streak. 97 miles in the last 9.5 weeks. I know I won’t be continuing this streak during the backpacking season. I figure I’ll try to do a least one run per week during the season. But once September hits, I can start up this streak again, knowing that I can

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