Last Sunday, I ran 6.87 miles. It was a windy, sunny day, with temps in the 50’s at the time I was running. Pretty darn perfect weather for a long run. I layered up, with a tank top underneath a windbreaker. For pants, I did my capri leggings, because I figured my legs would warm up and not need the full length. 

The windbreaker turned out to be a great call, because the wind was pretty darn cold, and gusty. But when I turned in a direction and suddenly the wind wasn’t so much of a factor? Total delight to be able to pull the windbreaker down off my shoulders and get some major breeze (and just a bit of tanning). 

I think I could have gone for 7 miles, although I chose not to. That’s how good that run felt. 

Totally the opposite of last Sunday’s 5.13 mile run. 

The weather was warmer, though still windy, and I wore my sun hat to try and keep cool in the sweltering 70’s (they get sweltering after I run a mile or so, trust me). I also ran later in the day, because I slept later. 

But those 5 miles felt so much more difficult (and were much slower) than the nearly 7 a week later. It might be down to the sleep. I went to bed at a reasonable hour the night before the almost 7, and stayed up much later before the 5. And the heat may have been another factor. 

But it still feels weird. 

This Sunday, I hope to run over 7 miles. I suppose I’d better get my running rest. 

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