Back in March, we went remote from work pretty quickly, rather all at once. There were hesitations in the administration, but they did eventually cave to the push. Throughout the summer, I worked remotely because I had to. I wanted to be at the office, in large part because my living space is a studio apartment and my husband is home all day. 

In August, I got my wish. I was allowed to return since there was space enough for me to be socially distanced without impacting anyone who needed to be there for business purposes. While my work is more efficiently done in the office due to better internet and desk accommodations, it can be done remotely, business-wise. 

Another reason to be in office was so that I could use the Rec Center during the workday, but I quickly learned that when I went there, I’d come home with a cold. And it was probably in small part due to the fact that the showers were unable to provide hot water. Yeah, I’m not into cold showers post-workout. I balk at cool showers, heck, I balk at lukewarm showers. That wasn’t cutting it. 

So, I requested and received permission to shift to a hybrid schedule that sees me in office 3 days a week and working from home 2. I’m liking the variety this schedule presents. And I really like being able to use my exercise release time from home, where I know the showers will be hot. Especially since that exercise is running outside in 30 degree weather… 

I find myself trying to imagine what it’s going to be like after Covid. Will we actually all go back to the office? Will people shake hands again? Or will we never have an after Covid because not enough people take the vaccine? I could never have imagined a year ago that the changes that Covid has wrought would happen. So how can I possibly imagine what will happen in the future now? Before, I kind of expected that things would continue to be how they were, in general. Now, I’m not so sure. 

If you had told me a year ago that my entire department would go remote, I wouldn’t have been able to guess why. This hybrid schedule is working well for me now. 

But who knows what the future will bring? 

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