Each year, my employer closes for the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Even though I’m required to burn some vacation days for it, I do like the tradition. Most years, I’ll spoil myself by sleeping in and going to CrossFit later in the morning. Or even at noon, how scandalous! 

But in this week off in 2022, I was just starting to feel better after weeks of being too ill to go work out. I wanted to prepare myself to be ready to keep the fitness going when I went back to work on the 3rd of January. I went to four 5 am classes that I did not strictly have to go to, and the first class of the day when the schedule was flexed for holidays. 
It was a great week for working out. I got sore, and I started to feel like I was building up my strength again. Heck, I even got a PR (personal record), though, to be fair, it was on a 3 rep hang clean and jerk. We don’t do that very often (I only had one other recorded, and most of the people in the class didn’t have any). 
But once the New Year hit, I started feeling ill again. I did work out on the 2nd, but skipped on the 3rd because I wasn’t feeling well. A combination of abdominal pains and a bit of a cold. The abdominal pain makes me not want to move in the ways that CrossFit requires, and if I’ve actually got a cold, I’d feel bad bringing that into the gym. 
I know I will eventually stop being sick every other week, but I really hope it’s soon. I want to do well in the CrossFit Open this year, which, for me, means being able to Rx at least one workout and maybe beat myself if there’s a repeat. And in order to do that, I need to get some consistency in my workouts! No more taking days off at a time. One day off if needed, then back to it!

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