I had planned on increasing the number of CrossFit classes I was attending after my vaccination was fully effective, but I went to visit my family first. Unfortunately, I ended up bringing home a sinus infection and ended up delaying my return to CrossFit by a little over a week. 

But I got back on Monday, and returned on both Tuesday and Wednesday! My body aches just about everywhere, and it’s lovely. 

I mean, painful, but also lovely. I like the feeling of having worked my muscles hard. Sure, some things become inconvenient, like raising my arms above shoulder height to reach for anything or climbing stairs or really anything to do with my legs… 

I am avoiding running, so far, at CrossFit, but that’s mostly because I can run at home (and I do). I try to do things at CrossFit that I can’t do at home, when I have the option. Like, whenever we do a choose-your-own tabata, I try to do something with handstand holds, since I don’t have a lot of room for that at my home, or something with the pull up bar. This morning I alternated hangs with straight leg sit-ups (because the handstand wall was occupied). 

Getting up at 4:30 in the morning and then driving to CrossFit is not as easy as getting up at 4:30 in the morning and walking to CrossFit. It takes about the same amount of travel time, but the walk was just easier to get myself to do. The car has so many steps! Getting the keys, the wallet, dressing for a cold car, considering whether I will bug the neighbors by turning my headlights on while I’m still in the stall (they got blackout curtains for their parking lot facing window, but don’t always use them), picking a radio station with a song that I like and/or tolerate, and then there’s the driving part. Stoplights and turns and the half dozen or so other cars on the road at that hour. 

It could be worse, but I used to have it so much better. Just, exit the house, take a right, cross the street, and boom! Time to exercise! 

And, of course, the new location opened during the pandemic so I couldn’t even transition smoothly from what I was doing to what I was going to do. But I like the way I feel the rest of the day when I do get up and work out like this, so I guess I’ll keep on doing it. 

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