I’m not signing up for the open online this year. I am participating in my box’s Sunday throw downs, so I’m doing the workouts, but I’m not putting my scores online for comparison purposes. It’s $20 to sign up online, and that’s a factor, but mostly I just don’t feel like I’m in the kind of shape I need to be in to compete against myself.

I’ve been trying to figure out my health issues so that I can continue to do the things I love, like backpacking and CrossFit, without being distracted by pain. So this year’s Open will be a bit different for me than previous years. I’m actually kind of glad that Arbor is doing a format that allows us to participate in the throw down without signing up online. I don’t have to make the choice between paying money and participating in a community event.

Probably the move that has been most painful for me in the last few months doing CrossFit has been rowing. Something about the compression really bugs something in my abdomen (yay mystery pain…). So, of course, the first workout was a rowing workout. And, I’ve never been a fan of wall balls, so they got thrown in too.

19 wall balls, 19 calories on the rower, repeat as many times as possible in 15 minutes.

A very simple workout.

But not easy.

I decided to go scaled and use the 10 pound ball instead of Rx, which for women is the 14 pound ball. I can do 14 pound wall balls, but I didn’t want to push myself this time. I actually made a plan with a friend so that neither of us would push too hard. She was getting over a cold, and I’ve got my mystery pain, so we judged each other in turn, allowing each of us to complete the workout to the best of our abilities without going so hard that we got sicker. I even stopped one of the spectators from yelling encouragement at her, which was funny.

I got through without keeling over, which was my goal. Not the best score, but also not the worst: 196 reps.

Next week, another workout, another throw down. I’m looking forward to it even though I know I’m not going to be performing in the way I’d like. I’m making a choice to ease off a bit in order to come out stronger on the other side, once mystery pain is solved.

I’m very focused on my rowing.

Short person willing the ball to rise!

I didn’t realize we were syncopated at the time.

More rowing. I think this is when I realized I had added Laurie’s score up incorrectly. 
Cooling down afterwards, watching others compete. 

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