I’ve been slacking on my running and going to CrossFit over the backpacking season. And I even gave myself a bit more slack time in September than I might have usually taken. But it’s getting time to rev up again for the off season. That means some goal setting!

I do want to get back to 10 miles a week running, but not in October. See, I got a request from my boss to temporarily switch work schedules, which makes my running days Monday and Friday. That makes it super hard for me to run on Saturday and Sunday, because then I have no rest days AT ALL between my run days. But this week, I’m switching back, and that will allow me to start adding the long Sunday run back in. For that reason, I put off the 10 mile per week goal until November.

October’s goal was to just get 3 runs in a week, which I was doing fine on until I got sick last weekend. I still haven’t fully recovered, but I’m hoping to get back on track and start November with both the 3 times a week and the 10 mile goals going.

My goal for CrossFit is similar. I’m going for 3 times a week to satisfy my goal in October, but in November that’s going to get bumped up to 4 times (exceptions allowed for when I’ll be out of town, but maybe I’ll finally manage to visit an affiliate out of town). This one I’ve managed to keep up with so far, but I’ll have to get in 3 times before the end of this week to wrap it up.

Last year, I was pretty strict about running my 10 miles, but I think this year I’ll allow myself to substitute hiking on a two-for-one formula. So 1 mile of running is equivalent to two miles of hiking, allowing me to sub, say an 11 mile Lucky Peak hike for a 5.5 mile run. I think getting out into the foothills and doing elevation hiking will be super helpful for my offseason training.

Maybe I’ll even drag my husband along on a few of those; we’ll see.

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