I’m going to give myself a gold star for my exercise in the last week. Not because I did particularly well, but because I exercised at all after finding out my mom had died. I could easily have dropped everything, and even forgiven myself the lapse, but I chose to continue Power Abs and got a few CrossFit workouts in. 

Only two runs, but one of them was a longer run at over 4 miles. I did take a break during that run to sit beside the river and have a bit of a cry, but it was still a good long run. 

I only went to one CrossFit class last week, but three so far this week so I’m starting to get back into the five day a week groove that I hope to maintain this winter. 

I have had tummy pain most days this week, which is only to be expected with some added stress in my life. And I did go off the rails a bit on my food consumption. Well, more specifically on drinks, as in I actually had a fair amount of liquor. But not as much as I would have thought I’d consume – it’s the exercise, keeping me from going whole hog on the alcohol. I hate being hungover and working out. 

I’m on track to complete Power Abs in November, and I’m planning on a second cycle starting in December. Might continue in January, might not. That feels like too far away to plan things now. It probably isn’t, but that’s how it feels. 

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