Against my realistic expectations, I managed to row 100,000 meters between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. Even though I started two days late and took several days off in the middle for being sick.

And technically, I finished on Sunday and got to over 106,000 by the end of Tuesday 12/24. So I rowed more than I actually needed to. 
I didn’t finish the challenge without some issues. A lot of my friends complained about rowing messing up their backs. While I don’t feel my back got messed up, I could tell it was a lot more sore than usual thanks to the rowing. My biggest issue was with hamstring tightness, especially towards the end. My right hamstrings cramped up when I rowed 10,000 meters one day and never really loosened up after. It got to the point that I couldn’t sit down for very long without my butt tingling on the right. And I’m pointing the finger at the hammies because the tingling was relieved if I put a ball under the hamstrings. 
Overall, I feel good about the rowing challenge. I’m not sure I could do the 200,000 meter version, but then again I want sure I could do this one and I did. 

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