Well, I haven’t run a single mile in the past week. I managed to pull a groin area muscle last week after a heavy deadlift workout. I started out too fast, started to hurt and finished really slow (maybe I shouldn’t have finished…).

So that completely derailed me from running.

I did try a slow jog on Sunday during the workout, but I ended up exacerbating the hurt and switched over to ski erg instead. If I want to get 20 1 mile runs in April, then I need to do one per day starting today. So I will try today, and see if I can run a slow mile and get my body back into the running thick of things. But I’m not going to push to complete the April challenge, because I’d rather not keep injuring myself.

If I need to go every other day for a while, or just take some breaks, then I’ll do that, because I want to be Spartan ready by the end of June.

I finished 20 weeks of my Spartan training plan last Sunday (luckily my training plan workouts don’t include running). I’m pretty happy with where I’m at strength-wise, though I’d like to be a bit lighter so it’s easier to haul my own body weight around. Still, I’m back to getting a full 20 seconds hanging from my right hand, and nearly that on the left. Going on toes for the rest of the tabata, but 20 seconds of one arm hanging is still pretty spiffy (as I was reminded of by Coach Maria the other day when she told she can’t do that).

I’ve spent the last week incessantly rubbing and massaging and doing anything I could think of to ease my groin strain. I actually spent some time at Crossfit with a foam roller just stuck between my legs – squeezing it there did feel pretty good on the pain, but it looked pretty awkward I think. It’s mostly not painful now, but I know that if I try to run fast, it’s going to get painful pretty quick. That’s kind of what happened on Sunday, because I started getting comfortable, speeding up, and wham – the pain returneth.

So time to start some slow and steady, and get these legs Spartan ready.

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