I find streaks highly motivating. I like routines. I like being able to check off little boxes once I finish each task. 

The problem is, no matter how well things are planned, streaks have a tendency to break. 

Life gets in the way. Illness. Unexpected travel (well maybe not this year). Injury. Low motivation… 

I did not run as scheduled on 1/3, for a variety of reasons. And that meant I had to complete my 10 miles per week goal in just 6 days, 5 of them work days (especially in winter, it’s much harder for me to squeeze a run in on a workday). 

So, I knew I had a challenge on my hands last week. I was proactive about it, by choosing to run 3 miles each on Tuesday and Thursday. Those runs are during my exercise release time at work – essentially, I take the single hour allotted and split it in two, taking 90 minute lunch/exercise release “lunch” times in the middle of the day, wherein I exercise and then hurry up and eat lunch. Typically, I’ll run 2 to 2.3 miles, which leaves me plenty of time to foam roll, shower, and eat before I have to go back to work. 

Knowing that I had to make up some miles, I changed those over to 3 miles runs. In order to make sure I had both time and energy for that, I’ve paused what would have been my third cycle of Power Abs in a row. I will be starting Power Abs up again, because I like how it feels, long-term, when I devote extra time to building up my core. But it is going to wait until after the current tummy issues clear up. 

On Saturday, I had to do a 4 mile run to make 10 miles for the week and meet my goal for the 6th consecutive week. And when Saturday dawned, I was not in the mood whatsoever to run. My husband and I had to go out shopping in the morning, which was fine for my running since Boise was covered with freezing fog most of the morning. 

I ended up waiting until nearly 3 pm before I ran – but by that point, the sun was out and the temperature was marginally above freezing. Each mile was cold and uncomfortable, but the pace was actually decent for me, first mile at 12:30, next two sub 12, last one 12:05. I could have stopped when I closed my loop at 3.96 miles, but instead I ran on until I hit 4, because that’s the way I run. 

6 weeks of 10 miles per week. 60 miles. The streak is building, and I will keep going as long as I can. 

And if I should fail, then I will start anew. 

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