The final open workout of the season! I am one of the few I know who really misses the 5 week Opens, in part because I don’t do much socializing with folks at CrossFit otherwise. This year, however, I felt how the socialization that I do get during the Open is not really something I want. I’m an acquaintance to many, but I feel a friend to none. People greet me, say hi, but they then go talk to someone else. I’m on the edges, and that’s just how I am. 

Anyway, back to CrossFit. This weeks’ workout was going to be a short one for me. Athletes had six minutes to complete 5 wall walks, 50 double unders, 15 snatches at weight 1, 5 wall walks, 50 double unders and 12 snatches at weight 2. If they complete the work within the 6 minutes, another 3 minutes is added to the time, along with 20 strict handstand push-ups, 50 double unders and 9 snatches at weight 3. If they complete all that within the 9 minutes, they get 3 more minutes to complete another 20 strict handstand pushups, 50 double unders, and 6 snatches at weight 4. I knew that I would not be making it past 6 minutes, because the Rx snatch weight 2 for women was 95 pounds. I have never snatched more than 82 pounds. The 65 pounds of weight 1 would be sufficiently challenging. I hoped I could make it TO the 95 pound snatches. 

Unfortunately for me, I’d gotten some bug that week. I was feeling under the weather and did not get to go and try the workout on Friday. Instead, I rested up to try and be ready for Sunday. And because I was sick, I missed the release of the heats and wasn’t able to get my preferred Heat 3. It was Heat 1 this time. I worried a bit that I wouldn’t have a judge. Otherwise, I was just ready to try this workout and get it done with the sure knowledge that I wouldn’t be getting any pictures of myself for this, since the photographer was also in that heat.

My double unders are okay, and I’ve occasionally even gotten a set of 50 unbroken. I’ve been doing wall walks when they show up in workouts, and while 5 is a lot, I figured I could do it twice. The snatches, ah, well, I knew my limits there.

When the day came, I arrived about 30 minutes before my heat was to start to warm up. Not only did I get a judge, I got one of the coaches. I knew that she would judge me well. Before starting, we went over the proper way to do the wall walks, and she gave advice to me and others in Heat 1 about pushing our feet into the wall on the way down to prevent them from touching the floor before our hands touched the tape. If the feet touched the floor before the hands got to the tape, it would be a costly no rep.

There were very few spectators for Heat 1, which is typical. Folks tend to drift in when its closer to the heat they’ve signed up for. The time came to start, and I got down to business.

My 5 wall walks in the first round were fine. I wasn’t super fast, but I didn’t really take breaks between each rep and before long it was time for the doubles. Now, I absolutely refuse to check this on the video, but I was counting my jumps. When my judge told me I was on rep 40, I thought I was on rep 30. But, to be fair, it’s possible that I’m the one that lost count. At any rate, I got through my 50 double unders unbroken and headed to the 65 pound snatch bar.

I considered trying to do sets of two or three, which I knew would be faster, but I was feeling under the weather. And, as I mentioned before, 65 is a pretty heavy snatch for me. Rather than risk a missed rep, I took my time and did singles. When I struggled to complete a rep, as I did after rep 10, I rested a little bit more to make sure I wouldn’t fail a rep. I got through all 15 with a tie break time of 4 minutes and 6 seconds, leaving me just under 2 minutes to get 5 more wall walks and 50 double unders.

I thought I had a chance until I started my first wall walk.

That first set was tough, but doable. After the double unders and snatches, the second set was insanely difficult.

I got through the first rep and had to take a rest, though I tried to keep it short. When I went back up, my shoulders were pure fire and I wasn’t sure how they were still moving, but they were. Third and fourth reps went similarly. On the fifth rep, I almost lost it. I got my hands to within 6 or so inches of the tape line near the wall that I had to touch before returning to the floor and I stalled out. My arms refused the command to move. I froze for a moment, then one arm moved, but in the wrong direction! I tried to tighten my core and I just forced those arms to get my hands to touch that tape and then held myself oh-so-tightly as I made my way down, touching hands to tape and then collapsing to the ground for all of one second before I levered myself up to jump rope.

I only had about 15 seconds to do my jumps, and I tripped on the first attempt. Then I got through 7 reps before the 6 minutes was up. Not as many as I’d wanted, but I’d had no idea those wall walks would be so much harder on the second round. I was surprised to find that I was the only woman in my heat who had gotten to the second round – never underestimate the stopping power of the double under.

I stuck around for a couple more heats to watch. I have to admit that I felt better about my performance when I watched another athlete do much better than me on the snatches fail to get any wall walks in the second round. That person reminded me of a past version of myself in some ways; I used to be able to rep out 65 pound snatches much better than I currently can, and the wall walks would have been much more challenging before I spent more years working on my core strength. Then I slipped out, wanting to go home and rest in the hopes of getting over the weather again.

I very well may be moving before next year’s Open. I might not be able to attend CrossFit regularly anymore in my new location. But I still want to do the Open next year. Whether that means doing it in my home as best I can or driving a long way to a box, I plan to do it.

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