During the night on Monday night, I woke up in pain. It’s become common for my stomach to hurt, so if I have stomach pain, then I’ll usually just go right back to sleep. This was not stomach pain.

The pain was in my mid to low back, and it burned. I couldn’t get comfortable. Every position was uncomfortable, though some were worse than others. Because it was a back issue, I didn’t go to my 5 am workout, but because I was in such pain, I also didn’t take that opportunity to go back to sleep. Instead, I took Aleve and Alka Seltzer and waited for the pain to subside.

When it didn’t, I called in sick to work and tried to find a comfortable position to wait it out.

Nothing that I tried seemed to help the pain go away. An ice pack on my back felt good, but I was still hurting. Eventually, I dozed off on the couch, sitting with my body curled around a pillow. Then I moved to the bed for more dozing.

And at some point, the pain just went away from my back and seemed to migrate to my lower right abdomen. Though that could have been just because the back was no longer hurting that I could feel that the tummy was STILL hurting.

I haven’t been running a fever, and there aren’t any other “red flag” type symptoms, so at this point I’m just going to hope that it doesn’t happen again. It could have been muscular, since I did have a back “ow” moment during Sunday’s workout, but I worked out Monday morning without a problem and had a massage Monday evening. Plus, if it were muscular, then the Aleve should have been efficacious and it wasn’t. So, I don’t really think the issue is exercise.

I mean, I did take a rest day today, just in case, but that’s not just because I was worried about aggravating a back injury. It’s also because I’m exhausted and can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong.

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