Well, I got another cold/flu/crud thing last week. I’m choosing to blame my boss, who stayed home some days last week to take care of sick family and also when he (inevitably) also fell sick. And my husband caught whatever it was from me. So instead of starting to evaluate how I felt based on the low residue diet once the antibiotics should have had some effect, I was just … sick.

Now, I’m done with the antibiotics and mostly over the illness. Not entirely pain free, but it’s a pain that is much more manageable than what I’d had before taking the antibiotics. And it’s intermittent rather than constant. So there is improvement, but I don’t have a verdict yet as to whether I’ve truly benefited or not.

I started to track my foods so that I could get an idea of what worked, but when I got sick I kind of fell off the tracking bandwagon. I even stopped tracking bowel movements, though I know I did have at least one per day. It just wasn’t as important to track. Now, I really should get back to tracking both of those, along with pain symptoms again so I can get a good sense of how I’m doing. My next doctor appointment will be in June and I really hope that I can be in a good place by then.

It makes so much sense that I would have felt better while backpacking, because unless we really work at it, most of our backpacking food is low fiber. And rather than three large meals a day with a few snacks, we snack a lot and have smaller “big” meals three times a day. Kind of. I mean, breakfast is now tending towards being a bar and some jerky on the move, and lunch isn’t all that big. Dinners are relatively big, but not huge. I’m looking forward to backpacking season now, because I feel like I’ll be able to handle my body better, knowing what I know now.

Work is slower this time of year, and I’m working on handing off projects I would normally do myself to one of my direct reports. He is supposed to be learning how to do the things that I do, so even though I want to do all the things, I have to learn to let go and allow him to learn. It’s a process that I’m trying to embrace.

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