I’m hoping to get some real consistency in this month. I did successfully complete a round of Power Abs in November, but since my diet kind of fell of a cliff mid-month, I didn’t really see a difference in my abs. I gained both weight and waist, but I’m moving on. 

So, in addition to doing another round of Power Abs this month, trying to do an increased difficultly level, I’m going to have a formal running goal. Not just running a certain number of times a week, but a distance goal. I want to run 10 miles a week each week this month. Plus, I’m trying to do CrossFit 5 days a week – preferably weekdays since that limits the number of people I am working out with to only people crazy enough to get up in time for a 5 am class. 

Last week, I ran Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I hit the 10 miles on Saturday with less than 4 miles, so that’s not too bad. I want to try and expand my Sunday runs so that I can skip Saturdays altogether. Ideally, I’d run 5 to 6 miles on Sunday, then 2 to 2.5 each on Tuesday and Thursday. That leaves Saturday for cleanup if I miss a day, and for rest if I don’t. 

So last week was a success, with 10 miles ran, 5 CrossFits attended and all my Power Abs days completed. This week is off to a good start, as I’m up to 5 miles, 3 classes and all my Power Abs. Not a great start, since I was too tired on Sunday to even get 3 miles. But a good start. 

It’s a lot of working out, and I’ve been feeling pretty tired. But I know I’ll get used to the amount of work in time. Patience and consistency are my watchwords for the month. 

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