Since I was not able to complete my planned hike last year due, in part, to my food choices, this year I’m doing something a little different. During this off-season time of year, I’m going to be testing out bars on a weekly basis. I’m spacing them out so that one “bad” bar doesn’t impact how I feel about the other bars.

I started yesterday with Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie, Snickerdoodle flavor. And my initial impressions were good, though not enthusiastic. Within an hour of eating it, I’d written up my thoughts: The cookie is easy to eat. It is soft and does not require a lot of chewing or a lot of water, though some water is good because it can get a little dry. I felt some tummy upset while eating it, so I don’t think I’ll be eating it again. I think the culprit is a bit too much fiber (10g).

Yeah, I should have heeded what my body was trying to tell me as I ate that cookie. By lunch time, my tune had changed from a mild review to a vehement hell no.

Turns out my instincts while eating it were correct. It does have too much fiber for my particular needs. That fiber created a conga line of gas bubbles in my intestines that tormented me all afternoon and into the evening. I got very bloated and passed gas far too many times for being in an office (thank goodness I’m not in a cubicle right now, but I had to hope that no one came to my desk to ask for something that would involve them sitting hear me). It seems to have triggered a small IBS flare up, involving pain along with the bloating and gas, as well as some constipation. I’m really hoping this passes quickly, but I might have to resort to liquid diet to clear myself up.

It’s good to be able to cross something off the list, and I’m glad that it wasn’t something that I bought a whole box of. So far, there’s only one of those, and I already had Ambrose try one so if I can’t eat them, he’ll be able to. Next week, I’ll be trying something else, and I really hope that even if it doesn’t work for me that it doesn’t trigger anything like this one did.

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