Now that I’ve accomplished my pull up goal, I want to figure out a new goal for the board. I still want to work on pull ups, especially kipping now that I have the strength to work on those, but I want to try a different goal for a while – pull ups in some form or other have been my goal for nearly two years. It’s time for a little change.

The Open is a goal of sorts, but it doesn’t feel like a goal per se. I am competing in the Open, doing my best and enjoying myself. This year, my box is having a Friday night throwdown instead of a Sunday afternoon one. I like the idea because it’s more fun to party on a Friday night, but I dislike it because it messes up my routine of doing the workout on Friday and then maybe re-doing on Sunday. I mean, I could still do that, but it isn’t an easy set up anymore. And if I do Friday night, there’s no way I’ll do Friday morning. The Open is too intense for that.

Since last Friday was the last day of my 28 day low carb high fat diet personal challenge (lost 5 pounds and definitely lost more fat than that), I didn’t go to the throwdown. I did 17.1 at 5 in the morning (scaled, 211 reps) and my lats were so sore 5 minutes after I finished that I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it again in less than 14 hours.

This Friday, I’m planning on doing it in the evening, because I’m coming back from a business trip on Thursday night – no way I want to get up early after that. I know from experience that I won’t be well rested after the conference – and I’m introvert enough that spending 4 days with people will deplete me. So I’ll be well-rested in a way for 17.2, because I won’t have been working out. And exhausted in a way because I probably won’t be getting 8 hours of sleep each night. I’m looking forward to seeing how I do.

I’m seriously considering a double under goal for my next. I know that I’m improving on those, but I think some concentrated effort would yield better results – and that kind of work might help increase my aerobic capacity which would be helpful overall. But I’ll still be doing my pull up workout, working on kipping pull ups and just trying to get fitter. I like what I’ve done with myself over the past 3 years of doing Crossfit. The overall goal is just like the one with writing – never stop learning, never stop striving to improve.

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