I didn’t want to see someone new for my annual wellness exam, but my regular person was out on leave when I was supposed to get it done. So, new person to explain my diet to, knowing that they won’t be able to help anymore than anyone else. I’ve reached a point of just experimenting with foods slowly and I know I’m not getting enough vegetables in my life, but the fiber still triggers gastroparesis pains/issues. 

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. This new person wasn’t all that interested in me, and I didn’t have to explain too much. Just that I’m doing the best that I can and exercising a lot and I’ll just have to wait and see if my numbers are looking okay from the bloodwork. At this point, I’m assuming that they do look okay, because I have not been called back for a follow up, and they’re usually pretty quick about that. 

I’ve been in a bit of an IBS flare for a couple weeks now. I can’t seem to get out of it. My bowels are still moving, but I’m getting mucous coming out and hard stools. Plus nausea and gas and general tummy pain. The usual. 

I know that anxiety over the state of the world is contributing to the tummy issues. I need to figure out a way not to let that stress affect my tummy. Because I don’t want anxiety to make my tummy hurt, which then makes me more anxious, which then makes my tummy hurt more etc… 

Maybe retreating to a cave for the next ten years would do the trick…

Since I can’t do that (yet), I’m going to focus on what I can control. I will get my solo book written and published. I will exercise: CrossFit goal is 5 times a week, running goal is 3 times a week (1 can be a run/walk as long as there’s elevation gain), and I decided to do Power Abs again for the month of November. I will do my job at work and keep getting paid. I might even write another book that’s been percolating in my head since August – but solo first. Only got about 1000 words over last weekend. This weekend needs to be better. 

And it will be. 

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